Our Banner Project

We are in the process of putting up banners to memorialize Members that have served in the Canadian Forces or Police Services from the area and display them in the Cities and Towns of the Southeast.  


Please contact us if you have questions:

Email - mailto:semilitarymuseum@outlook.com

Call - tel:1-306-421-6687

Send a message with your information and contact number with the contact button below or on our contact page.


We have launched our banner program! So far in Estevan, Carlyle, Lampman, Stoughton, Redvers, Weyburn and Midale have all said they want them!

About the Program:

Here is our purchase program. We have 3 levels (see right). We also have 10 banner hardware available so far in Estevan and the same in Carlyle. This may change as we get sponsors for more hardware (that's the main part). If you have a family member or friend that is or was from these areas, we can help with the banner.

Banner purchase / Museum Sponsorship Levels:

Donor Level - Banner Purchase. $200 - for this price the banner will hang for the season. We would like a photo of your loved one (preferably in uniform). Time frame of service, Unit, Area of residence. You would have the option of keeping the banner after the season or donate it to the museum to be reused in future projects. $200 tax receipt eligible if banner is donated to museum.

 **Corporate Level - Mounting Hardware Purchase - $300 - For this price you would donate the banner mounting hardware in the community of your choice to be utilized by the museum and Community for current banner mounting and in the future. $300 tax receipt eligible.

Commemoration Level - Banner and Hardware purchase. - $500 - This would get you the Donor level banner and options and the corporate level mounting hardware in one package. The mounting hardware would remain with the museum for future projects. $300 tax receipt eligible or $500 for banner donation.


(1) We would like a photo of the person for commemoration (preferably in uniform).

(2) Name and Rank

(3)Unit served with (if known),

(4) Era (World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Afghanistan, Peacekeeping, Peacetime, etc)

(5) Who you want in the “In Remembrance” portion of the banner.

If you need help with gathering information, we can also help with that.

Tax receipts can be given for donations to the museum.

**Business / Corporate sponsorship – If you have an employee that has served any you want to show your appreciation you can purchase a banner and have your business logo placed at the bottom of the banner and corporate name places in the “In Remembrance” portion of the banner.


Banner is Double Sided

High quality vinyl, sewn edging. 

High Quality Banner support System.

These banner supports are made from premium quality material and have a 10 year warranty. These are in the Corporate Sponsor level and can be added to the Donor level to become a Commemoration level sponsorship. 

2021 Banner program is open

At the Cenotaph and Soldiers Tree. First Banner up with Private Ed Mack.

(L to R.) Rob Rooks, Troy LeBlanc, Craig Bird, Marlys Collins, Frosty Forrest.


Some of the Banners out in the wild.

We got a Grant!!!

Thanks to a program put out by Veterans Affairs we were able to obtain a grant to help out with the Banner Program in the Southeast.

Thanks Veterans Affairs!!